Blown stretch film

We produce blown stretchfilm to customer specification in gauge range 12 – 70 micron and with widths from 250 – 1800mm.

In addition, we have our standard-assortment for immediate delivery:

MicroWrap pre-stretched stretchfilm

Our blown octene-based pre-stretched stretchfilm is truely unique. With outstanding puncture resistance and elastic memory, even our 5 micron film is a high-performance product.

Converting (bundling film)

With our comprehensive range of conversion machines – from manual machines for small quantities to fully automatic lines for larger quantities – we competitively slit and rewind all types of stretch film into bundling film for manual or machine use. Get a quote on your requirement, and have a look at our standard assortment.

Macro-perforated stretchfilms

We stock and distribute the market-leading products from MEGAPLAST.

The comprehensive range of macro-perforated films can solve pratically any

problem related to the need of ventilation of pallet-load.

Cast stretch film

We stock a wide range of cast hand and machinerolls, also opaque black films.

Our standard assortment include:


We stock pallet-netting for machine and manual use.


We stock top-sheets in clear and opaque black.


We stock a wide range of dispensers
for manual pallet-wrapping and bundling.